Over 15 ECHO projects across more than 5 organizations in Ontario have launched to deliver priority topics such as opioid stewardship, chronic pain, mental health and addictions, care of the elderly, complex paediatric care, and epilepsy and more.


Until recently, training to implement the ECHO model was provided exclusively by the University of New Mexico. With the movement spreading quickly, Superhub sites have been developed to train and support new ECHO projects. The ECHO Ontario Superhub, a collaboration between CAMH and UHN, serves new ECHO projects in Ontario and in Canada.

Upcoming Events

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In addition to training, Superhub activities include:
Leads provincial ECHO initiatives through the following:
  • Monthly ECHO Ontario Collaborative Meetings
  • Annual ECHO Ontario Conference
  • Provincial Advisory Board Meetings
Provide all existing, new and potential ECHOs within Ontario with:
  • Outreach & Training – Orientation, Immersion Training
  • One-on-one mentorship
  • Support to develop consolidated reporting and recruitment strategies
Act as an agent of the ECHO Institute to expand the ECHO model in Ontario as per each program’s agreements. Including:
  • Developing naming & logos
  • Signing agreements
  • Advice on strategic & project planning
Lead the development and implementation of quality assurance and quality improvement frameworks for ECHOs in Ontario, including providing strategic planning support for ECHO in Ontario