ECHO Ontario Superhub will be holding orientation and immersion training sessions in Toronto. The Orientation Training is an opportunity for new or prospective ECHO sites to attend and learn more about the ECHO model. The Immersion Training offers a deeper dive into how to replicate and implement ECHO, and requires that partnership documents have been fully signed and executed with the ECHO Institute at the University of New Mexico before participation can occur. If you have not signed the partnership documents and would like to attend Immersion Training, please contact the Replication Team at Through the Immersion Training, you will develop an ongoing relationship with our ECHO Ontario Superhub team members, who can assist you in setting up your own ECHO clinics. Please click here to see a sample Immersion agenda and for a sample Orientation Agenda for more information. Please contact Maurey Nadarajah at if you require additional information or have any questions.


Orientation: All organizations or individuals interested in implementing Project ECHO.

Immersion Training: Organizations that have signed a partnership agreement with the ECHO Institute at the University of New Mexico that are looking for detailed information about how to implement ECHO, or are looking for additional Canadian context with regards to the ECHO model. We suggest that sites send the full implementation team where possible. The team composition may vary by ECHO, but we suggest at least one content expert or specialist (particularly important to bring the team leader), other members of your anticipated ECHO hub team and an administrative or coordination lead.